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Mobilizing the business to go GREEN

HKB Corporate Services Limited ("HKBCS") is committed to support the opportunity for sustainable growth and a need to achieve a more sustainable, resilient and prosperous future. We are mobilizing the business and accelerating innovation to make this happen. We need to work with clients to convert the heavy and complicated traditional work model to a highly automated digital process with paperless, seamless and high-efficiency. We are investing in a "Green Way" that helps the society and respects the environment.

Revolutionizing with our Fintech heart

HKBCS is revolutionizing the way corporates can beneath our Fintech heart. We align the customer needs and interaction with our core values – Innovative, Dynamic and Tailor-made. We feature Fintech solution to offer a reliable, client-driven and transparent corporate and compliance services. At HKBCS, we provide clients with quality fintech-driven services and solutions. Our goal is to assist our clients to grow and power up their business in the Smart Way.

Moving Forward with the World

Everything we inspire and do is guided by the values - do the right thing and bring value to clients. Shape our future and explore the cutting edge of technology that are driving sustainable business growth with new challenges and opportunities. The pandemic has accelerated the switch to digital services and the automation of operational process. Having up-to-the-minute responses and management is more efficient and convincing. HKBCS was built with a single purpose in mind – Facilitating the transformation of corporate services from traditional to digital, offline to online, and by doing so, moving forward with the World.