Having a proven track record since founding of obtaining licensing and registrations for financial firms, we also provide assistance to firms with their compliance and regulatory policy to ensure our clients remain compliant and up to date.
Compliance service includes

e-KYC / AML Online System

e-KYC PRO is an e-KYC solution system which is developed by HKBCS.It aims to enhance the productivity of KYC/ AML procedure and optimize the client onboarding. HKB e-KYC PRO allows you to centralize the KYC and AML functions precisely and effectively from various Electronic KYC solutions, name screening tools as well as the blockchain explorers, including Biometric Verification, AML checks, etc. e-KYC PRO binding the electronic KYC/ AML functions, with your needs and requirements, can fully tap into the automated KYC solution.

Its one-stop due diligence service accelerates the verification and anti-money laundering screen procedure fully online, helping asset managers and financial institutions by completing the onboarding process effectively and quickly.

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SFC Licensing

  • SFC License applications (prepare and submit applications)
  • Assess and review qualifications for RO and recruitment of RO and other supporting staffs
  • Liaise with SFC Case Officers and handle SFC requisitions
  • Prepare and Review Compliance Manuals and necessary documents
  • Provide Compliance Training and CPT Training
  • Ad hoc compliance advice and assistance

Money Lenders License

  • Application for Money Lenders License in Hong Kong
  • Document preparation for application
  • Review the CV of applicant whether he/she is a fit and proper person
  • Review the premise for the application whether it is suitable for carrying the business
  • Provide Compliance Training and CPT Training
  • IT system (CRM/ KYC) support for on-going business

Trust Company

  • Application for the license of Trust Company
  • Liaise with bank to open trust accounts
  • Offshore Trust Set Up and consultation
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